TBT: Toddler Lessons Pt 1

Recently my daughter has been giving me anatomy lessons.  I’ll pick her up and she grabs her ears. “Eahs.”

Then she grabs my ears. “Daddy Eahs.”

She grabs her head. “Head”

She grabs my head. “Daddy Head.”

This continues with the neck, mouth, and teeth.

And then its the eyes.  “My eyes.”

Then she pokes me right in both eyes. “Daddy’s eyes.” Oww.

“Mama eyes.” “Gaga’s eyes.” She goes down the list of everyone in the house and their parts.  My mother-in-law has been doing a great job teaching her during the day a lot of stuff that a toddler needs and she’s picking stuff up quick.  I’m rather proud that she just started telling me unprompted.  I love being a dad!  God Bless and see ya soon!



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