Inchstones, Footstones, Milestones

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalms 118:24 HCSB

In theory, no matter what happens this scripture should hold true. When we get caught up in stress or something bad happens to us we should be able to rejoice in the day.  The question is can we?  Can I?

I’ve been sitting with that scripture all day and thinking of some of the days that I’ve had in my lifetime and wondering if I could have rejoiced in those moments on that day.  I know I did a lot of praying.  Rejoicing? I don’t know.  And if I could, how would I have done it?  What would I have to do in order to rejoice in a day that I just wanted over? My relationship with God is the key.

I believe that building my spiritual fitness is building a stronger relationship with God.  Being able to give Him what I can’t control and accept the lessons and situations He puts me.  He is always guiding our path.  Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it’s very overt.  But He is always there.  Understanding what He wants from us.  A better relationship with Him and stronger spiritual fitness may help us see His hand in those rough times.  And in a moment or two between the pain and prayer maybe then we can rejoice and be glad in that day?  Or maybe the next day?



Today is the last day of the month and I was able to post everyday I had planned to post.  I don’t feel comfortable calling it a milestone because there are still many posts and blogs to do.  Maybe its more like an inch and once I have twelve of them I’ll reach that footstone.  Milestone, well that’s a long way away.  If feels good to have gotten this far and I am looking forward to the next inch.  God Bless!


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