TBT: Let it Snow

I grew up where it didn’t snow, well almost ever.  And on that rare occasion when it did, (I’m told it did. I don’t remember) it certainly didn’t stick. We currently live in a climate where on occasion we will get snow.  Recently, it snowed enough that we could get out and play in it. […]

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Time for Sleepys

“I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me.” – Psalm 3:5 HCSB We are supposed to sleep.  That is the way God made us.  For six to eight hours we are supposed to lie down and lose consciousness, transition through light and deep sleep and dream. As with everything there is […]

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Count off: 1, 2, K, B

So quick post tonight.  I am doing my workouts with my daughter when I get home from work.  Well, daddy does the workout and the little one plays in the vicinity.  Tonight we practiced counting.  I was doing a series of planks for 18 seconds each.  I counted out loud so she could count along […]

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Get Some Rest

Go, go, go…seems to be a moniker for our society and even when people “slow down” we do so by keeping the data stream flowing.  Constantly, plugged in so that we don’t miss anything.  They call babies who are hard to get to take naps, “FOMO” babies – Fear Of Missing Out.  Maybe we never […]

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I Forgot…Forgive me

So yesterday after dinner I remembered that I forgot to do my workout for the day.  Oops!  I had gotten home later than usual and got wrapped up in all the things that need to happen at that hour.  Prepping dinner, cleaning up after a toddler, getting dinner ready for and feeding the little girl, […]

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TBT: Raising Your Voice

“I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God while I live.” Psalm 104:33 Every night my wife and I raise our voices to sing for our daughter just before putting her to bed.  Everything you read says establish good bedtime routines early to help get the little […]

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Men Who Stare at Trees

One of the first things I do when I get into work is to pull out my Inner Balance sensor and fire up the app to do some Balanced Breathing to get centered before I start work in earnest.  But I got to admit some days I cheat.  I will fire up my computer and […]

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Today my workout included a couple of exercises utilizing these slider thingies.  After I did a warmup I did two sets of six lunges and leg curls followed by two sets of six old-fashioned push-ups.  I don’t know the technical word for them, but gliders or sliders seems to work when searching online.  There are tons of exercises you […]

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Wonderfully Made!

We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made.  As one of my mental health process goals is to get smart on several different aspects of health.  So, I was listening to a podcast today and was struck (as I repeatedly am) of how God is a master craftsman.  The gist of the EliteHRV podcast was on […]

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