Men Who Stare at Trees

One of the first things I do when I get into work is to pull out my Inner Balance sensor and fire up the app to do some Balanced Breathing to get centered before I start work in earnest.  But I got to admit some days I cheat.  I will fire up my computer and start to do work before my five minutes are up.  I need to do better because I know that when I take the time to do it I’ll have a better day.

After listening to the podcast I mentioned a couple of days ago I knew I needed to focus on my posture better while breathing.  So today I sat up straight making a conscious effort to raise the top of my head to elongate my spine.  Additionally, I left my reading glasses in the case to thwart me from starting up my computer.

I also returned to a tried and true focal point.  The top of a pine tree just outside the window of my office.  There must be a nest in it because today I saw two birds fly away from it today.  I need a focal point because I am a thinker.  Without something to direct my attention my mind will travel down rabbit holes, make mental lists, and like today come up with my daily to-do list.  I had to stop it, acknowledge them, reassure myself I would write them down and just return to the tree.  When I was able to do that I did better.



God Bless!

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