Everything is a Choice

God gave us free will.  We have a choice in all that we do.  We can choose to do something or we can choose to do nothing.  Sometimes we choose to take the harder road and sometimes we don’t.

I’ll be honest.  Over the last six months I’ve chosen to forego physical activity more often than not.  And, as a result I have a little bit of a Dad belly in the making.  I had started off last year fairly good and ran several times a week, but as the year passed I got better with my excuses.  “It’s too hot out when I get home from work.” or “It’s too dark.” or “It’s too cold.”  I did just enough to still be functional, but our daughter is getting more and more active. So before it gets too difficult for me to go running after her I need to do something.  I’m human and I allowed life to get in the way.  Not anymore.

So I am writing this after my workout for the day.  Which I did while watching Curious George (my daughter’s new favorite).  Instead of winging it I am using Core Performance: Endurance* by Mark Verstegen to give me some ideas and add a little more structure.  It’s a book I picked up a number of years ago to help keep me in shape while running.  It’s been collecting dust on my shelf for a while now.


I am easing on in with some dynamic stretching and some yoga like static poses this first week or so.  It’s a little more involved than what I outlined in a 5 day devotional, but should keep me injury free.  The difficult thing for me is to maintain momentum.  Last year I got a little too aggressive and tweaked a ligament in my arm so I just stuck to running, but as I mentioned that didn’t last.  So, I am starting anew slow and methodical.

“Remember the Lord in everything you do, and he will show you the right way.”

Proverbs 3:6 GNT

Tomorrow I will outline what I am going to do build mental strength.  You can follow me by clicking the button below.

*I don’t receive and compensation for any book, app, or accessory that I mention in this Blog.  Just offering a resource you might find useful.

God Bless!

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