A Good Start: Day 3


“Happy are those who remain faithful under trials, because when they succeed in passing such a test, they will receive as their reward the life which God has promised to those who love him.

James 1:12

Day 3 and we are going to try to remain faithful.  Hopefully, this is not too much of a trial, but trying to find that time and dedicating your attention to it can be difficult.  I do find it hard some days to carve out the time.  To be honest, I’ll look back on my day and the time is there.  I just let other things get in the way and those things really aren’t that important.  Today we’ve got a plan for fifteen minutes.


It’s time so let’s get up and take another walk.  But this time before you take that walk let’s breathe and get grounded for 5 minutes.  Try and keep you thoughts on your breathing and then you immediate surroundings.  A ten minute walk.  If you have a smart phone, odds are it counts steps (while it might not be very accurate).  See where you’re at right now.  Make a mental note and let’s get moving.  Start easy to get the joints warmed up, but increase to a pace that you can handle.  Nothing too fast.



So we took the time to get balanced before our walk but before we head back inside take a moment to really notice our surroundings.  The sky, the scenery, just look around.  You might have done something similar while on your walk.  Or maybe you just let your mind wander.  There is something to be said for just being in the moment and noticed the present moment (actually there is a lot to be said, but that’s something we can explore at another time).


Okay you’re almost done.  Now some questions.

Question 1: Ponder the verse from above and note a trial that you worked through and got stronger from.


Question 2: How was it when you just stopped to notice your surrounding?  Did you mind wander immediately? If not how did it feel? (okay that’s three questions).


We’re going to actually try to schedule a couple of times tomorrow.  Plan for another walk but also a separate time to focus on just breathing.  Once I get in to work I usually spend 5 minutes just practicing some breathing exercises.  It helps me center myself before tackling whatever I have planned for the day.  Just 10 minutes sometime in your day.  Plan it now.  Don’t worry about the next day.  Just plan tomorrow.



See you then. God Bless



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