A Good Dog’s Life

Just after midnight a few Fridays back, my wife and I came downstairs from watching a movie to go to sleep when I noticed something was wrong. Our eldest dog was lying on his bed and in a bad way. He was to be 15 this summer and had been having a tough time as of late. He would get confused, his legs would give out on him on the hardwood floors and his sight and hearing were failing.  He still had good days but they were dwindling in number. We got down on the floor with him. His head lay in my lap and my wife hugged him. His brother dog was there as well. I think you know where this might be leading and feel free to stop reading if you want. It’s took me several days to process and be able to capture my thoughts and be able to write, but instead of words I want to share some pictures of our good dog CJ.

As a puppy he was adorable and quite bright.  He was house trained in less than a day!
His best buddy was his fur brother.  Quite the pair, they got along famously.  One reason my wife and I are together today.
He wasn’t a big fan of the boots.  But some mornings it was just too cold!
Photo on 1-21-15 at 2.57 PM
He loved his mommy very much.  Often showing her more affection than me.









“You know what I’m a good looking dog.”  That he was!
IMG_0304 2
Noble and well tolerant of any new member to the family.
But there was someone special he was waiting on…









He was waiting for our daughter to be born.  And he watched over her constantly.  Always making sure she was okay.
He let our daughter do anything.


We’re going to miss him.  Good bye CJ, We love you!

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