Whole30 Round 2: Days 4-5

Days 4-5: Kill ALL the Things!

I am thankful that we started last Thursday on this and had the weekend to adjust into it.  The extra sleep and access to food has helped me to avoid “killing all the things.”  I have had a dull headache off and on for the past couple of days and I am not sure if that is due to my body not used to getting the sugar and occasional soda or that my blood sugar is low.  My wife is having a different experience and unfortunately my eldest “fur” child is at risk of running into some trouble.  He is 14 years young and though not as spry as he once was, he is the sweetest dog on the planet.

Eating good soup and blogging.

I have noticed that I am much more hesitant to snack while doing the Whole30 Reset.  So its important to have appropriate snacks available between meals.  Even though we have nuts and fruit around, I tend not to grab it when home until my blood sugar starts to crash.  Ironically, its a lot easier at work where my food options are only what I bring and I am good about packing a banana and apple with my lunch.  As I write this I am enjoying some soup my wife made yesterday.  She is a blessing and one of her gifts is the ability to cook intuitively.  She is a whirling dancer in the kitchen adding ingredients and spices and by the end will say she doesn’t remember the recipe.  She posts a bunch on her site DailyBeuatyWisdom.com but there are many that she can’t post due to the nature of her cooking.  She’s shared some of her best recipes, but there are many that only we get to enjoy.  Don’t fret though because often we deem a recipe “blog-worthy” and it makes it to her blog.  Stay tuned and God Bless!


“He gives food to every creature. His love is eternal.”

Psalms 136:25 (HCSB)

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