Whole30 Round 2: Days 16-27

Days 16-27: Tiger Blood! No not even kitten blood.  In fact its more like Groundhog blood.  The last week of our #SeptemberWhole30 has been like the movie Groundhog day.  Same thing each day. Now I’m not saying the way my wife and I feel can be attributed to the Whole30 regimen.  There are other contributing […]

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Whole30 Round 2: Days 10-15

Days 10-11: The Hardest Days and Days 12-15: Boundless Energy Now Give me a Twinkie I’m going to extend “the Hardest Days” from days 10-11 to days 10-15.  This time through its been rough and honestly I still just want a nap.  Now I attribute that to a combination of work, helping with the little one […]

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Whole30 Round 2: Days 8-9

Day 8-9: For the love of Gosling, my pants are TIGHTER. If my wife and I were to rename days 8-9 we wild rename it “remind me, why am I dong this again.”  Things have been going the same this time around or at least that is what I am telling myself. And in all […]

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Whole30 Round 2: Day 6-7

Day 6-7: I just want a nap… And boy do I ever want a nap!  It seems like this time around in our Whole30 journey the fatigue has really been impactful.  One reason for that in my case is that I am training for a 5K in addition to doing the Reset. So a lot […]

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Whole30 Round 2: Days 4-5

Days 4-5: Kill ALL the Things! I am thankful that we started last Thursday on this and had the weekend to adjust into it.  The extra sleep and access to food has helped me to avoid “killing all the things.”  I have had a dull headache off and on for the past couple of days […]

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Whole30 Round 2: Days 2-3

Days 2-3 The Hangover Days 2 and 3 of the Whole30 can be somewhat of a painful experience due to your body starting to adjust to not having some of those unhealthy food choices.  My wife and I both had a headache on day 3 but it wasn’t too bad a couple of days.  She […]

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Whole30 Round 2: Day 1

My wife and I are doing another Whole30 for the month of September. The Whole30 is a reset that gets your body used to eating healthy foods.  It lasts 30 days. Picking months that have 30 days makes it easier but not a necessity (in fact the Whole30 crew are officially starting theirs on September […]

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