It’s a Trap!


A Behavioral Trap that is

I have been woefully spotty at getting any kind of physical fitness regimen up and running.  I usually just manage to complete a yoga flow for flexibility each day.  A behavioral trap is something we intentionally set for ourselves to guarantee a desired action or behavior.  So in order to light a fire under me and get me running, I signed up for a 5K the end of September.  Now I am committed and heat be darned I need to get out and run.  Once again, I am turning to you to be my accountability partner(s).  I have six weeks to get into halfway decent shape.  Let’s hope I rise to the challenge or I will be sucking wind inside of a half mile.

Be SMART about it

So a SMART goal is in order.  This week I want to run at least once and since I haven’t run for a while probably go less than a mile.  So that means before Sunday.  So that meets all the criteria for a SMART goal.  Specific, measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic and Time bound.  Let’s see how I do.  God Bless.

“When you walk, your steps will not be hindered; when you run, you will not stumble.”

Proverbs 4:12 (HCSB)

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