Goal Crusher!

Well it’s a start Just wanted to briefly check in and report that last week I did in fact run on three separate occasions.  Once on the treadmill at work and twice on the road.  I can tell you it felt good to get the blood flowing again albeit at a slow pace. This week […]

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Run, Dad Run!

So after setting the trap I have gotten some miles under my shoes.  First run was within 24 hours after posting about the trap.  Throwing the post out there for all to see really made me commit to meeting my SMART goal of running this week.  Normally, I like to jet out of work and […]

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It’s a Trap!

A Behavioral Trap that is I have been woefully spotty at getting any kind of physical fitness regimen up and running.  I usually just manage to complete a yoga flow for flexibility each day.  A behavioral trap is something we intentionally set for ourselves to guarantee a desired action or behavior.  So in order to […]

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Where I leave my heart Part II

So in the previous post I started to elaborate on what it is I exactly do to stay on task and focused.  The first step, often the hardest, is recognizing when I get distracted or off task.  Most often, I notice it happening after lunch. When I recognize that I’m having trouble focusing, I practice some balanced […]

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Where I leave my heart

It’s a sweltering summer Sunday and my daughter has gone down for her afternoon nap.  She just recently started crawling and is super inquisitive and also super exhausting (but in a delightfully good way).  The weekends are a joy because I get to spend time with my wife and daughter. But Sundays are always bittersweet […]

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