The Sum of the Parts

A New/Old Direction: Holistic human development

The mind has a tremendous impact on the body and performance.  If I wasn’t on board with this concept I wouldn’t be in the field that I am in: Sport Psychology.    The mind can drive us when we are fatigued. It can get us through a rigorous workout. But it can also keep us from performing effectively because of doubt and fear.  Likewise, a strong mind needs a strong body in order to reach its full potential.  One must not neglect the physical aspects either.  And physical health isn’t just strength, power, and endurance.  A strong body also needs proper nutrition.  Finally, and most importantly, a person needs purpose.  My faith gives me purpose.  It also gives me an example on how to live, treat others, and deal with adversity.  And I am talking about God.  In order to achieve in life one must be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy!  That means having a personal relationship with God.

I want to be a fully Functional Dad

And that means being physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy! This blog started off with a purpose of getting physically in shape for the arrival of our daughter.  I think I did a fairly good job of getting into decent shape and have been able to perform my daddy duties well up to now, however, she’s crawling and growing like a weed! I am going to have to be able to lift more,  move across a room in a FLASH, and do so for longer durations.  Fatherhood is fun!  Seriously, it is! Fatherhood can be trying at times, but both my wife and I are having a ball watching our little girl growing up.  There definitely have been some terrifying moments, but for the most part we’ve been very blessed with a healthy sweet-natured little girl. But I digress.

The Plan so FarIMG_2805

Due to my work schedule and commute, getting a proper workout in is pretty difficult, especially if I want to get home in time to actually see and interact with my daughter before she goes to sleep for the night.  So I have to squeeze in little mini-workouts throughout my day.  Sometimes I hit and sometimes I miss (don’t we all).  Depicted to the right is a how I track my hits and misses.  Three categories at the top are, you guessed it, Spiritual, Mental and Physical.  Under each I have to-do items and boxes (you may have seen something similar in weekly and day planners).  My wife has a goal setting planner that is great for initial goal setting, but it isn’t as specific as I would like.  So I use my trusty old bullet journal to get the same job done, for now. In the coming weeks I am going to elaborate on the specifics if you are curious and want to follow along.  I’d love to hear your comments and feedback, especially regarding ways you have been able to maintain or resume your workout regimen after having a baby.  (I don’t get to blog as often as I want to.  Did I mention our daughter is crawling now?) Take care and God Bless!

For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Proverbs 2:6



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