I’m Not Perfect

I am not a perfect Husband. I am not a perfect Father.  I am not a perfect Christian. But I want to be. Admitting I am not perfect is the first step. The next is figuring out what I am going to do about it.

But God is more interested in what you can become than in what you are now.” – Rick Johnson

An Anniversary of Sorts

A year ago today I started this Blog to help get my 42 year-old, Father-to-be butt in shape.  If you are interested here is the first post.  And since then I’d like to tell you I am stronger, faster, and more flexible than I was a year ago.  I am not.  See, I am not perfect.  Am I in worse shape?  No.  I am eating much better thanks to the #Whole30, and after a month of Balanced Breathing and meditation, I am more centered.  I am sleeping better than I was (and certainly better than most people with a 8 month-old), and I can sustain my energy better without relying on energy drinks and bad food.  However, I have started and stopped exercising numerous times in the past couple of months.  Work has been hectic the past month or so, and I just haven’t made the effort to sustain workouts each and every day.  Slow days I get a couple of sets in, but on busy days, not so much.

The Difference a Year Makes

I am now 43 and have been thinking a lot (remember I like to do that) and if you have been following along you may have noticed a shift in the direction of this blog.  Over the course of the year I have evaluated and reevaluated what I need to do in order to be a good husband and father.  I realized that there were more aspects to being a Functional Dad beyond just being physically fit.  There were the obvious Dad-like things I had to learn: changing diapers, feeding etc., but another important aspect was becoming the spiritual leader for my daughter as well as my wife.  Being a good husband, being a good father and being a good person all require physical, mental, and spiritual health.  While that sounds good I am still working out the details on how I am going to balance out all three of those areas.  And I am going to work this all out here on FunctionalDad.net.  I hope you will join me in this journey as I find it to be the greatest challenge of my life.  God Bless!

“You became weary on your many journeys, but you did not say, “I give up! ” You found a renewal of your strength; therefore you did not grow weak.”

Isaiah 57:10 (HCSB)

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