Take a Seat…or two or three

Phase I: The aww phase

The first months of life for our daughter she didn’t do much but eat, sleep and

This chair was a wonderful hand me down.

well you know.  And when she wasn’t in her cradle or crib she didn’t really sit.  We either held her or she reclined in a couple of ‘chairs‘ we had for her.  These were great as she could sleep in them and we could take her with us.   These chairs were great the fist 4 or so months but as infants do, she outgrew them.

This chair was a gift from a proud Grandpa!

Now she didn’t just get too long for them.  She also got mobile.  Once our daughter learned to roll over, it was OVER for these chairs.  They were far to restrictive for her taste. And we weren’t as prepared as we should have been for the next phase.

Phase II: The grabby and bangy phase

Luckily one of our shower gifts got us through this transition of needing somewhere to put her before she could sit up on her own and occupy  her need for…let’s just say need for practicing manual dexterity.  Hey parents does this sound familiar.

Lots of things to grab!

Reach, grab hold, insert in mouth, bang on chair, repeat.  So this little booster chair has a spinny thing, some ringy things and the all important Elephant.  This chair does need to be strapped to another chair but can double as a feeding chair as the activity center can be removed.  But we needed more chairs.  She was outgrowing our Boppy pillow and while the little booster occupied her hands she needed something more.

Phase III: The upward mobility phase

This phase kind of overlaps with the grabby and bangy phase as our daughter is still grabbing and banging.  After our pediatrician okayed bouncers Gramma got the all clear to purchase a jumperoo chair, complete with elephant and elephant noises.

Lots of sounds and activities with this one!

The jumperoo allows her to jump, and jump she does, reinforced by some lovely music and sound effects that, frankly, will get stuck in your head for days on end.  But this one is a mommy saver as the little girl can jump, grab, and bang to her heart’s content and give mommy (and daddy) time for coffee.

Another chair that we got is a floor chair that can travel from room to room as

Easy floor chair!

well.  This is nice little chair that is easy to clean and fairly easy to deal with.  She is sitting up on her own but not crawling yet so this little chair can keep her localized and doesn’t tip over (at least she hasn’t yet in it).  Also a great chair that doubles as a feeding chair if you go on the road.

Phase IV: The solid food phase

While we are not to the point where she is feeding herself we are getting close and as such we have this, the Cadillac of high chairs.  Super thanks to OmaIMG_2728 and Opa for getting this Graco 4-in-1 high chair.  Some really great features include a quick one-handed removable tray, adjustable foot platform and wheels.  Oh the wheels are wonderful!  We can wheel her anywhere to feed her.  Especially nice if you have hardwood or tiled floors.  This is a great high
chair that is gonna grow with her.  In the coming months she is going to be sitting in it, hurling food to the floor and squeal with delight as her fur brothers fight each other for whatever baby delicacy she is not eating.  She’ll be able to use this chair for many years as it transforms into a booster seat and other configurations.


So as far as chairs go we are set.  There are several that she can use for a while which is good.  You always want to make smart economical choices and get something that will last a while.  I am sure there will be more chairs in our daughters future but I think for now we are set…I hope. God Bless!

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a real blessing.

Psalms 127:3 (GNT)

2 thoughts on “Take a Seat…or two or three

  1. Another well written piece. I can feel your emotions through your well chosen words. Is crawling the next step?


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