Dad Moments

Saturday morning routine for me is to wake up when my alarm clock goes off.  What time is that you might be asking?  It depends.  My alarm clock on the weekend is a little girl usually just talking (read babbling) through the baby monitor.  I get out of bed and head immediately into the kitchen and get her bottle ready.  Our little girl wakes up hungry! Honestly what kid doesn’t?

No matter what, I am always greeted with a smile as I scoop her up and we make our way to the changing table.  The buffet we repurposed has worked out so well and as you can see from the picture below we make sure we have everything within reach.

Our battle hardened changing table with all the accoutrements.

A quick diaper change (incidentally Baby Dry diapers by Pampers are great when you child starts sleeping through the night) often is not a quick diaper change as she likes to practice her rolling over while on the table, but once done then its “ba-ba” time.    My daughter has a habit of trying to multitask while eating.  Whatever is in within reach she will attempt to grab and pull: her bib,  burp cloth, her daddy’s shirt, her daddy’s arm hair (ouch!), whatever.  She also will track her fur brother as he walks around the room and if he gets too close will grab him too.  All of this makes getting and keeping the ba-ba in her mouth a longer process than it should be.  After she is done and lets out a deep tummy burp (makes daddy so proud) she then begins to squirm.

Playing with daddy’s Hands

She can sit up but not crawl yet, but she wants to really badly.  Lots of times she just crawls all over me in an attempt to get somewhere (I’m not really sure she even knows where she’s headed).  She is at that stage where she is working on her manual dexterity and its fun to watch and be a part of that.  And everything is fair game, so we have to be careful what stays within reach.  Sometimes its back to the changing table after a while to remedy a poopy diaper and then a return to her crib where hopefully she gets back to sleep for her morning nap.  At this point daddy/I  get to spend some time to myself and have breakfast.  And today as I was eating, pondering what to write about, it came to me.  I love being a dad and enjoying the dad moments I get to have each day, weekends especially.

Last night I got to spend some time with the little girl. She sat on the floor amongst her blocks and other assorted toys.  She practiced dumping out the blocks and picking them up

Fur brother #1 in on the action.

while I played the guitar for her.  She loves music and will stare at my hands, alternating between the fretting hand and strumming hand.  She is a happy little girl and my wife and I are truly blessed with her being a part of our lives.

Not only do I get to spend these precious moments with my daughter, but I also get to serve my wife in doing so.  She got some time to herself both last night and every weekend morning she gets to sleep in and make up some of the rest she doesn’t get during the week.  She does such a wonderful job with our daughter throughout the week it is the least I can do as her husband.  Our marriage is based on Faith and our Faith instructs us to be servants of others.  God Bless!

“Based on the gift each one has received, use it to serve others, as good managers of the varied grace of God.

1 Peter 4:10 (HCSB)

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