Coffee anyone?

So after having finished the Whole30 you might recall that I have been staying IMG_2575away from dairy in my coffee.  Only sugar, which so far has been good.  My sugar intake is way, way down.  But no creamer was kind of a bummer.  My wife was searching the internet for a creamer substitute.  In the past I have tried coconut, almond, etc.  But nothing seemed to work.  That is until my wife stumbled on to this little gem of a post from Coconut Mama. Just blend your coffee with some coconut oil.  I tried it out this weekend and man oh man, I don’t need dairy in my coffee ever again. And the good thing is it is good for you too.  I just whip up a batch in the old Nutribullet and pour it into the best coffee mug ever and go!

My go to coffee container

I have been wanting a Klean Kanteen ever since I heard Brian at Daily Audio Bible raving about them.  The folks over at DAB can’t seem to keep them in stock due to their popularity so I have missed out getting one from them.  My wife got me one for our anniversary recently which also coincided with our finishing our first Whole30.  I recommend getting the combo pack with two lids.  The kanteen keeps my coffee hot in the am and my water cold in the pm.  I make my coffee at 5:30 am and at 11 am it’s still hot.  Now this morning my coffee was so good it didn’t last until 11.

Thanks again to the wife whose culinary expertise helps keep me healthy.  I highly recommend a little coconut oil in your coffee.  God Bless!

And wine which makes man’s heart glad,  So that he may make his face glisten with oil, And [a]food which sustains man’s heart.

Psalm 104:15


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