Baby Monitor


This isn’t a review.  I just want to share our story and how we found, selected, use, and work with our baby monitor.  Hopefully, this can get you thinking about how you will set up and use a baby monitor.


After scouring the internet and reading reviews I selected the Samsung SEW-3037W baby monitor.  It consistently hit a bunch of ‘best of baby monitor’ searches I did.  The features I was looking for were as follows:

  • It had to pan and zoom
  • Night vision
  • Wake up out of sleep mode when she makes a noise

The Samsung hit all of those and we figured Samsung is a good brand name.  We have a Samsung TV and a bluray player that are nice.


We added the monitor to our baby registry on and it was purchased for us as a gift.  Incidentally, the baby registry on Amazon was too easy and since a lot of our friends and relatives don’t live near, it was the best solution and simple for us.  Even returning items were a breeze.

  • IMG_2467.jpg

Set up and Use

It was easy to set up and use out of the box.  Initially our daughter slept in a cradle in our room.  So we didn’t use it except to watch her during the day which wasn’t much.  At about 4 months we started putting her in her crib in her room.  One thing I noticed early on was that if I set it on the railing of the crib it won’t pan down enough to get complete crib coverage.  One remedy would be to mount it to the wall above.  Easy enough to do and it has that capability.  I believe a substantial nail would do the trick.  It appears light enough to not require an anchored screw (but that’s your call dad or mom).  My solution was this:

Yes that is a felt furniture pad.  Raises it up just enough.

A felt furniture pad does the trick. I can now follow my daughters exploits and nightly routines. Like ‘lets throw and find the pacifier.’ as well as others.

Now you will also notice that button that is on the bottom of the camera.  The one at the 3 o’clock position in the picture right above.  That’s the button that you will need to push at 3 am when for some reason the monitor loses the camera signal.  You go into the menu options on the monitor and pair with the camera.  Believe me its something you want to get the hang of during daylight hours.  Before I figured it out I spent a night on a very uncomfortable couch.  Now it’s happened to us a few times, but it hasn’t happened in a while though.

Of course any time we’ve had issues with the monitor our daughter has been fine.  We’ve lost sleep over it but she hasn’t.  My wife stared at the screen for hours the first nights our little one slept on her own.  Which got me thinking.  People raised kids without incident before we had this technology right.  I do suppose that there have been instances where a baby monitor has saved a life and that is why we have it.  And that’s the crux of it.  We love her and want to protect her.  We wouldn’t dream of not having one.

In closing find the right one for you.  Have a back up in case the power goes out (which has happened) or something else.  I recommend a comfortable couch or chair in the baby’s room.  God Bless!

Behold, children are a [a]gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.”

Psalm 127:3-5 NASB

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