Post Whole30 update

Just wanted to check in and give a report of my post Whole30 experiences.  I am now 5 days post Whole30 and still feeling great.  Like I had said earlier the only thing I added back was sugar in my coffee and had some gluten-free bread last Sunday.  My wife has posted some of her results and some of her recipes.  One of the last ones she did and I absolutely loved was her Thanksgiving Meatballs.  I mean out of this world good.  You can find all her recipes here.

But I must report today I acquiesced to a birthday celebration and had a small bit of a brownie.  Really it was an experiment to see how my body would react.  It tasted good but my stomach wasn’t too happy for a little while after.  I had to eat an apple to settle things down a bit.  I bypassed the cupcakes altogether.  The shocking thing is that after having partaken in the brownie I didn’t crave or even want a cupcake.  Thank you Whole30!  I am so glad my wife talked me into trying it.

As far as this month’s meditation challenge.  I have started off strong with ten minutes or more each day so far.  I try to get at least 5 minutes done ist thing at work to help get me balanced for the first part of the day.   And then I try to get a brief session in the afternoon of balanced breathing to sustain me.  More to follow.  God Bless!

For He has satisfied the thirsty and filled the hungry with good things.

Psalm 107:9

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