May the Fourth Be with You!

Happy Star Wars Day!

So anyone who knows me knows I am a Star Wars Geek.  At one point as a youngster I wanted to change my name to Luke Skywalker.  But alas that is but the naiveté of youth.  But I still want to be a Jedi.  Lucas, of course, based a lot pertaining to the Jedi from Eastern philosophy and the samurai.  Safe to say that meditation is a part of the Jedi way.  A clear, calm, and focused mind allow Luke to levitate the stones and Yoda to move an X-wing.

From the Star Wars App. 



What does this have to do with the May meditation challenge?

The past couple of days, if you’re taking the challenge with us, you may have noticed that while breathing, thoughts can kind of just randomly pop into your head. Even if you are using one of the Apps you may find your attention wandering to something else.  Those thoughts might lead to others and others that might end up with you thinking about some stressful stuff.  While there are many schools of thought (pun intended) on what to do with those thoughts I will discuss two.  The first is to recognize the thought as just that and let it go without judging it.  This is a main tenet of Mindfulness, but it takes practice.  The other is giving yourself a target of something to think about.  The purpose of that is to focus the mind on something and not let those thoughts into your mind in the first place.  In transcendental meditation that is where chanting a mantra like “Om” comes in.

But meditation is a cross-cultural and cross faith concept.  Herbert Benson M.D. in his book The Relaxation Response explores how mediatation is used differently but similarly across several faiths.  As a Christian you can choose to focus on a specific scripture passage, a breath prayer, or simply internally repeat the name of God as your target.  Here’s an example: 

 (This is Yeshua in Aramaic) ישוע

So next step.  Clear you mind of questions and pick a target to focus on.  See how long you can go before those thoughts start to creep back in.   Remember some thoughts lead to fear and fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. And hate leads to suffering…I’m such a geek.  God Bless!

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to You, Lord , my rock and my Redeemer.”

Psalms 19:19

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