And Done!

On Finishing the Whole30!

My wife and I are done with our first Whole30 program and it definitely made a difference.  It truly does Start with Food!  It was difficult at times but overall it was very manageable for me.  Between this blog and my wife’s we will highlight some of the things that we think helped us along the way.  From tips to kitchen items to perspectives! But if you are thinking about doing it the Whole30 website has a wealth of knowledge and support and you should start from there.


So one of the mistakes I made while Whole30-ing it was to take measurements a couple of times during the 30 days.  Oops!  My wife had told me after I had posted something about my waistline and weight.  The whole idea of not tracking that is to not get discouraged if the numbers aren’t moving as fast or even in the direction you want them too.  The truth is that there are a lot of things that numbers albeit weight, waistline or whatever just won’t tell you.  These data points are much more subjective and for me at least kind of snuck up on me.

Morning Routine

The last week or so of the Whole30 I noticed that while I only was getting on average 6 and a half hours of sleep a night (Not because I couldn’t sleep just because of my job) it was much easier to wake up.  And get this the last week I didn’t need to have any coffee first thing in the morning.  Crazy!  I just drank water with my morning breakfast.  I was fully awake and feeling bright and alert on my drive in to work and most of the morning.

Tale of the Belt

I discovered a good non-measurement metric along the way.  My belt!

This was a nice surprise!

My pants also fit better on or about midway through the month.  So you’re not really measuring anything per se, but you have to help keep your pants up.

Saving those Beats

Resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute according to the Mayo Clinic.  Resting heart rate can be affected by a number of things: physical activity, medications, body position (sitting or lying down), and body size.  Although I noticed on both the Mayo Clinic and AMA websites diet was not one of them.  Which seems counter intuitive to me.  I would think that if you eat right and those arteries are clear then the heart won’t have to work as hard.  Maybe I just haven’t pursued that rabbit hole in the internet as much as I should.  So anecdotally I present the following.  My fitbit recorded the following for the month:

Not a big difference in resting HR, but I’ll save those beats for later in life!

And you may be thinking well maybe the fitbit isn’t that accurate.  According to Consumer Reports it is not bad except in extreme exercise heart rate monitoring.  So over the course of the day saving 3 beats every minute.  That’s 180 beats less an hour and 4,320 beats less a day.  Okay it doesn’t work exactly like this but hey go with me here.

No Flakes

And I don’t mean the frosted kind.  I have to make a confession.  I had dandruff, or something maybe a little more severe than just regular dandruff.  And I had tried every shampoo and treatment to get rid of it.  Guess what? Yep it was my diet.  Something I was eating contributed to the build up and after this month I know it was one of only a few things.  Sugar, dairy, or grains.  As I reintegrate foods I am going to see what it was.  We have our theories.  Hint: Probably the dairy.

Reintegration and Lessons Learned

So far today the only things I have reintegrated and probably will be eating this week is a little sugar mixed with Stevia in my coffee and some gluten free bread.  Not bringing back the organic creamer for my coffee because of what you read just prior to this.  We’ll then go from there.

So what we learned from eating like this for the past month is that a lot of planning and preparation go into what we eat every day.  So many bad foods enter our lives due to convenience.  It’s just easy to stop and get fast food (even if it’s billed as healthy).  To hit a vending machine for an afternoon snack.  Throw a soda into the lunch instead of just drink water or make tea.  Or buy pre-seasoned, pre-packaged, grocery store items.  One thing I am doing better at is reading labels when I shop now. You’d be surprised how much junk is in some of the things you buy and think are healthy.

Getting rid of the dandruff alone was worth it this past month and for me I want to be healthier for my wife and daughter’s sake.  So it definitely started with the food.  And I know that we will be doing the Whole30 in its purest form again.  Let’s see 30 days has September…God Bless!

You will surely eat what your hands have worked for. You will be happy, and it will go well for you.

Psalm 128:2



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