Dad Moments

Saturday morning routine for me is to wake up when my alarm clock goes off.  What time is that you might be asking?  It depends.  My alarm clock on the weekend is a little girl usually just talking (read babbling) through the baby monitor.  I get out of bed and head immediately into the kitchen […]

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Making it Routine

Having a hard time taking some time to yourself to get balanced?  Too often the hustle and bustle of life gets in the way.  You may think there just aren’t enough hours let alone minutes in the day to spare.  There are, but you have to look for them!  For example, pumping gas, sitting at […]

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Am I doing this right?

If you have taken up the meditation challenge or maybe have been doing it for years you may be asking yourself, “How do I know if I am doing this right?”  While anytime you take some time to balance yourself out is a time well spent it is nice to know that you are indeed […]

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One of THOSE days

Ever have one of those days where you just run around, nothing goes right, and you feel like you didn’t get anything accomplished at all?  My day was kind of like that.  Now there were a couple of positive things that happened but I left work with very little satisfaction.  I have a 45 minute […]

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Coffee anyone?

So after having finished the Whole30 you might recall that I have been staying away from dairy in my coffee.  Only sugar, which so far has been good.  My sugar intake is way, way down.  But no creamer was kind of a bummer.  My wife was searching the internet for a creamer substitute.  In the […]

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Baby Monitor

Disclaimer This isn’t a review.  I just want to share our story and how we found, selected, use, and work with our baby monitor.  Hopefully, this can get you thinking about how you will set up and use a baby monitor. Researching After scouring the internet and reading reviews I selected the Samsung SEW-3037W baby monitor.  It […]

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It’s about your health

My goal with this blog from the beginning has been about being healthy for my daughter and my wife.  I want to be able to do all the things my parents did with my brother and me.  I want to be able to chase my little girl around the yard, coach whatever sport she is […]

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Becoming a Functional Dad

A Exploration into spiritual, physical and mental fitness for the over 40 father-to-be and beyond So this wasn’t our plan. My wife and I had made a decision not to have children. We got married later, both had careers and I had a mountain of student loan debt. Well God had other plans for us. […]

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Post Whole30 update

Just wanted to check in and give a report of my post Whole30 experiences.  I am now 5 days post Whole30 and still feeling great.  Like I had said earlier the only thing I added back was sugar in my coffee and had some gluten-free bread last Sunday.  My wife has posted some of her […]

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May the Fourth Be with You!

Happy Star Wars Day! So anyone who knows me knows I am a Star Wars Geek.  At one point as a youngster I wanted to change my name to Luke Skywalker.  But alas that is but the naiveté of youth.  But I still want to be a Jedi.  Lucas, of course, based a lot pertaining to […]

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