This one goes to 11

11 days and counting.  That means 19 days left.  They keep promising energy in the Whole30 program and I keep going back to the timeline to see when that most likely is going to come.  Go ahead and read days 10-11, I’ll wait.  Are you back?  A lot of that is exactly how I have been […]

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Second Weekend: Days 9 and 10

Sleep, glorious sleep Well we caught up on our sleep this past weekend (as best as you can with a six-month old) and had some good meals.  My wife is a talented cook and she is always tinkering in the kitchen and thinking outside the box when it comes to cuisine.  She offered a suggestion […]

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Day 6: Naw it can’t be…

Could it be, perhaps, some energy? But were talking relative here.  Today was not as bad as yesterday from an energy perspective.  I didn’t feel as tired or as lethargic after lunch as I did yesterday.  Still jonesing for that afternoon caffeine crutch and candy bar but an apple and water was all I had. […]

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Tuesday Bluesday 5

Today I am going to be short and sweet.  Which was not at all like my day 5 of the Whole30 program.  It was a long day and not nearly sweet enough, but that is why I am doing this.  Woke up dead tired again with no energy.  Even after eating the egg casserole and dringking […]

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Monday, Day 4…Zzzzzzzz

Its day 4 and it started off fine enough.  Had my casserole, off to work, taught class.  All was going well until the afternoon hit.  I don’t remember ever being as tired.  I had slept okay but didn’t think it would be this bad.  I guess that sugar and caffeine fix inthe afternoon was quite […]

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Sunday, Fun-day3

So yesterday on our day 2 I busted my wife.  No harm, no foul, this is tough.  Especially, giving up things that are as much as a routine as anything else.  Her coffee routine is pretty well ingrained and coffee creamer and sweetener is the toughest “change” we have both had to make.  I was […]

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Saturday, we can do this!

Oh how I love Saturdays! I love that I get to sleep in on Saturdays.  Instead of being woken up by my fitbit at 5:30 on Saturdays my daughter wakes me up by ‘singing’ at 7:30.  After many smiles from the little girl and an 8 oz bottle of formula its back to sleep for […]

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