So close and yet so far

Dreams of Sugar Plums

Maybe its contageous or maybe my wife just planted the seeds but I have been thinking about foods I can’t currently have and her current post doesn’t help.  Go look I’ll wait…

Are you back? Did you see?  It was the pizza.  Oh pizza, I had forgotten how good pizza is although I don’t respond well to pizza.  All that gluten and dairy usually leads to a rough night of snoring.

It’s day 20

And it’s no time to break now.  So I am shuffling those pizza thoughts off and replacing them with writing this post.  Today was better than yesterday.  This week back at work I feel sharper mentally.  That started last week and seems to be continuing.  Keeping busy also helps but one thing I have noticed is that when I am busy at work I tend to forget to hydrate.  What can I say, unless I am really thirsty water is just boring.  And that’s on me for not bringing some ginger green tea to work with me.  Mental note: Bring some tomorrow.

10 more days then what

Is it too early to start thinking about reintegration into the real food world again? Maybe, but a good resource for that reintegration without devolving into a weekend of pizza, cookies and ice cream is the Whole30 4 step process.  But there will be time for that in about a week.  Just a bit of foreshadowing.

“So we must not get tired  of doing good,  for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.”

Galations 6:9

P.S. You can now follow functionaldad on Instagram. Guess I am only a few years behind.  God Bless.

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