Why?: Days 18 and 19

A little self-reflection is a good thing

Been asking myself ‘why’ a lot lately.  ‘Why am I doing the Whole30?’, ‘Why am I blogging about it?’ ‘Why did I start the Functional Dad Blog?’ ‘Why’ for a lot of things.  It’s not easy coming home from a long day at work, taking care of a 6 month old, and then find some energy to come up with a post about it.  But this goes beyond the usual motivation thing.  It’s about something more existential.

When you’re not looking

Often when you not looking but open you can find answers or sometimes they are given to you.  As I mentioned way back that one of my daily routines is listening to the Daily Audio Bible on my way in to work.  Sometimes, if I don’t listen on the weekends I make the days up on the way in to work.  Today I got to a particular parable that my wife had listened too and remarked about yesterday (Luke 19:12-27).  If you are not familiar it is about a man who leaves his property for a time and gives each of his servants some money.  One servant invested the money and upon the man’s return presented 10 times the amount back, another servant five times as much and another just the initial amount.  The servants who made more money are praised.  The point of the parable is that each person has gifts that they are bestowed and it is a waste not to use these gifts for the betterment of others.  For some they can write, others sing or play a musical instrument, others can heal, etc.


Why am I writing this blog and journaling my experience with being an over 40 first time father, going through the Whole30 program, sharing my experiences?  Because I can and should use my God given gifts.  I know it keeps me honest with what I am doing to stay in shape for my wife and daughter and I am able to provide for them financially, emotionally, and other-ly.  But if it helps you then I guess I am paying if forward.  So what am I rambling on about? Find your gifts and use them.

Whole30 Days 18 and 19

Still chugging along and after today only 11 more days.  I do feel better and I will endeavor to share with you some metrics the end of this week.  Good dinner tonight as my wife got me to eat Brussels sprouts, a vegetable I abhor more than broccoli.  Now that is an excellent cook!

My mind and my body may grow weak, but God is my strength; he is all I ever need.

Psalms 73:26

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