Day 7 of Whole30…or as I like to call it

Only 23 days more left!

So its been a week on the Whole30 program.  And today, well the cravings were pretty evident and hard.  One of the big ones which I didn’t expect to be so hard was a craving for soda.  Any kind of soda, diet or otherwise.  Am I craving the carbonation? The cola taste? I’ve given up soda before for lent.  But today it was pretty powerful.  Not enough to get me to succumb. Sleep hasn’t been the greatest the past few nights and my energy level was about the same as yesterday.  Thank God the weekend is just around the corner.

Food Glorious Food

Here is a link to the recipe my wife tweaked for the  breakfast casserole.  It has replaced my beloved Honey Nut Cheerios.  I wonder if I will go back to them once this is done.  Just thinking about them now brings on a craving for them.

Stop that, think about this

Funny how things like that can get in your mind.  Of course a lot of processed foods are designed to do just that.  They talk about the psychological aspects of food in It Starts with Food.  The good news is I haven’t caved and I am sure I won’t because we as humans can choose our thoughts.  We can put a stop to them and replace them with something else.  Like how great I am going to feel in 23 days or…

I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13  (HCSB)

God Bless!

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