Day 6: Naw it can’t be…

Could it be, perhaps, some energy?

But were talking relative here.  Today was not as bad as yesterday from an energy perspective.  I didn’t feel as tired or as lethargic after lunch as I did yesterday.  Still jonesing for that afternoon caffeine crutch and candy bar but an apple and water was all I had.  Maybe it was the awesome chicken leftovers my wife made last night or maybe my body is starting to get used to this.

Yummy, leftovers for lunch makes it easy.


Checking out the whole30 timeline days 6-7 are associated with wanting a nap.  That was me on days 4 and 5.  Am I ahead of schedule or is this just the “everybodies experience is different” thing?  I am weighing in still at 161 pounds but as my wife pointed out, correctly, that weight is not a true indicator of me losing that spare tire or donut around my middle.  So she taped me.  35 inches.  I know, I know 35 inches is nothing.  But its about 3 more than it should be and I needed something tangible, some statistic, some biometric marker to cling to tightly.  Plus its not so much about the dimension but more about what the dimension is made of…which is fat.  And that is not good where it is.  If you read It Starts with Food they go into detail on what that means.  And for my body type its not a good thing. Heck for anybody its not a good thing.

My wife and I are still forging ahead.  She is adding recipes to her page as soon as she can.  That is in between preparing bottles, homemade baby food, changing diapers and  taking great care of our daughter.  Here is a cool one.  Literally.


I have asked one thing from the Lord; it is what I desire: to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, gazing on the beauty of the Lord and seeking Him in His temple.

Psalms 27:4 HCSB

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