This is not an April’s Fools Gag…

This is real.  This is Day 1 of the Whole30.

My wife and I have started the 30 day program. Since there are 30 days in the month of April and there is no time like the present. Here we go.

I am coming off a successful purging of sugar and potato chips for 40 days of lent. However, that involved just giving up sugar and any processed foods that included it.  The Whole30 program will have us give up a whole lot more.  There are no grains of any kind allowed, no diet soda, no dairy, no artificial sweetner.

So I will endeavor to blog each day of the next thirty with what I ate and my thoughts and reflections on the process.

A day of eggs

Maybe we didn’t plan to far ahead and starting on a Friday wasn’t the smartest of ideas.  But it is what it is.  And today was a day of eggs for every meal.

  • Breakfast: An apple and two hard boiled eggs and 16 oz of black, yes you read that right, black coffee (or as my wife and I have started referring to it as brewed hatred). All kidding aside no creamer or sweetner in the coffee is going to be an issue.
  • Snack one: I usually had a bowl of oatmeal and bananas for a mid-morning snack.  Not today.  Just had a banana which was sorely needed.
  • Lunch: Two hardboiled eggs and an apple.  Which was surprisingly satiating.
  • Snack two: Another apple.  This got me through the work day.
  • Dinner: Fridays we traditionally have breakfast for dinner.  Which adheres to the program well as long as no toast, or grits, or biscuits, or pancakes, or waffles.  Truth be told we usually just have toast.  But we didn’t tonight.  We had scrambled eggs, potatoes, and bacon.  And as always we had a salad made up of romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, cashews, and grapes with some guacomole as dressing.

So that was the first day.  It wasn’t too bad except for the coffee.  And we came up with a solution that might do.  Cold coffee with unsweetened almond milk.  God Bless!

Listen! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and have dinner with him, and he with Me.

Revelation 3:20 HCSB

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