The curious case of the Sweet-Heart

I will first caveat this post with a disclaimer: The data you are about to read is purely correlational and has not met the rigors of the scientific method or supported by the benefit of peer reviewed articles (I just haven’t done a Google Scholar search).  It is purely observational and causation while inferred is not proven.

But it’s pretty cool nonetheless.  Check this out!


You may be asking, “It’s your resting heart rate over the past thirty days.  What am I noticing?” Well, maybe you know and maybe this is your first time here. I gave up sugar for lent, which began February 10th. My resting heart rate when I started was hovering around 54 bpm and now is hovering around 48 or 49 and appears to be trending downward.  Coincidence or not?  Now the scientist in me is looking for other lifestyle changes that occurred around that time that may have contributed and I am sure that they did.  I started to focus on some brief yoga throughout the day (but haven’t been as good about that the past week).  Sleep, that could be a contributor to lowering heart rate.  Nope. I have been getting the same average hours of sleep during the week that I was back in February.  The only other thing that I did was one weekend a couple of weeks back did some limited interval work.  That probably contributed a little bit.  But as I think about it I believe that most of the variance can be attributed to less processed and refined sugar.  The other factors I think contributed but probably not as much as cutting out sugar.  And that’s a big deal.

My wife and I just started reading “It Starts with Food” by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig which elaborates on the Whole30 program.  A program similar to the Paleo Diet.  Its basically a program that resets your body hormonally, chemically, and digestionly (I know that’s not a real word) that can lead to better health.  Its a program we are going to start coming next month.

And because of the above data from my fitbit I am eagerly looking to try it out so that I can be the best functional dad I can be.  God Bless!

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart, my portion forever.

Psalms 73:26

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