A good week

The last week of the first month of the new year was a good one.  I was able to get into a flow with incorporating yoga into my Functional Dad workouts.  At my wife’s suggestion I added in sun salutations to my Wednesday and Friday routine.  Holding each position for 3 breaths while difficult at […]

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Yoga Be Kidding Me

Two days down this week and its been yoga.  Monday was some upward and downward facing dog and Tuesday was Proud Warrior.  My abs woke up sore this morning.  Not sure if that is from the yoga (most likely) or the drill of carrying bricks up a ladder to secure a tarp for a leaky […]

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Jonas blew up my goals…

Last week I thought I wasn’t being to overly ambitious given the work week that I had but then along came Snowstorm Jonas and as a result I fell short.  After a couple of days without power (though we were much more fortunate than some) I got to thinking how I could prevent that from […]

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Goals for the week ahead

My schedule this week is going to be pretty packed at work and I know that I will not have the opportunity to get in as many workouts as I would like or on any kind of a regular basis.  So I am going to lay out some goals and try to get them accomplished […]

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Friday Synopsis

Ah Friday! Thank God its Friday.  This week I was able to get more into the swing of the new program.  I ran twice this week.  The first time with my daughter in her stroller.  I did the pushing and she enjoyed the ride.  Last nights run I did a mile in about a 9:30 […]

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An apple a day…

As you know, well if you have been reading the last couple of posts that Nutrition is one of the areas I would like to focus on.  While I don’t eat all that bad I don’t eat as well as I should.  My three big meals for the most part are healthy, my snacking tends […]

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