Taking Stock

The New Year fast approaches and with it come New Year’s Resolutions.  Which for many are nothing more than hopes to make changes that never get achieved.  Why?  Is it because those who set them are just prone to wishful thinking? Caught up in the allure of starting fresh.  Its easy to see.  Looking forward and picturing ourselves different definitely has its appeal.  There is a way to set SMARTER goals and I will get to that later because that is only one piece of the puzzle.  There are a couple of steps before getting to setting those goals that are just as important and can help set you up for success.

A big part of achieving your goals has to do with the why behind them and if those goals in fact align with your values.  Making sure your goals line up with your values and who you are as a person is just as important and setting them in the first place.  Effective goals must be consistent with your deeper personal values and your current priorities, or you won’t have much motivation to break through any barriers that arise while you are trying to achieve them.  And this is where I find myself. It has been a wild year and looking back its hard to believe all that has happened.  We added a new member to our family this year.  A beautiful baby girl has joined us in our journey, and she in fact was the major reason that I believe I was successful in getting in better shape.  Notice how I didn’t say I’ve gotten into great shape.  I still have a ways to go.

For me, I value my faith and my family.  My faith guides me to be the best husband and father that I can be to my family.  In order to be strong for my family I needed to get functionally fit for them.  If you value community and friendship then setting a goal that isolates you and requires a lot of solitude, odds are you’re not going to achieve that goal. But sometimes its not the goal that is the issue.  Sometimes you just have to figure out how that particular goal fits with your values.

Next step is to take stock.  As alluring as the new year, fresh and clean without any missteps, its important to look back on the past year.  What worked? What didn’t? And where are you right now?  Write it all down, the good and the bad…


I can lift move and perform all of my daddy duties.

Have done a good job posting on this blog


Not great nutrition

Inconsistent on water intake

Sleep has been an issue (though somewhat out of my control)

Poor flexibility

What didn’t work

Trying to exercise before or after work (for extended periods of time)

A regimented exercise program

What did work

Exercises that were picked to mimic or build strength in areas that were identified to meet certain needs (functional dad stuff 😉

Progression of exercises to build toward functionality

Themed Challenges (like the 12 days of Christmas)

And lastly for today.  I am thumbing through my bullet journal where I wrote down all my functional dad exercises and workouts.  I did quite a bit, but I noticed there were some days where I didn’t quite get it all done.  That’s okay because I also jotted down notes as to why and how to make it up or adjust the goal.  Writing it all down…posting it all in this blog make looking back and seeing all that I did accomplish really gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Tomorrow I will get into planning for the next year and setting some SMARTER goals.  God Bless!

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will hold on to you with My righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10 HCSB

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