Turkey Week Workouts

So I finally got back into somewhat of a routine this week at work.  Granted it was a short work week but was able to get some workouts done. The issue, as with most parents in the first few months, is sleep or lack thereof.  Little energy to even do a limited workout. Now to […]

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Water recycled

Cracking the water code revisited. So ran across a little info graphic on when you should drink water. Basically saying the optimal times to ingest your water. Got me thinking about what I am doing and am I doing it as best as I can or is there a better way. Then I thought hey […]

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We have to rebuild…

So its been almost 3 weeks and while we knew that our lives would change forever it was hard to imagine this.  Not that it is bad.  We knew going in that there would be sleep deprivation and disruption to routines.  The goal now is to rebuild routines around the routine that we are creating […]

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