The First Functional Dad Day – Our Birth Story Part 2

While my wife was finishing up in the OR, I followed our daughter into the nursery where she was cleaned up, weighed and measured.  She wasn’t 9 lb. but well over 8 and quite long.  Even though it was a joy to watch our daughter now out here in the open, my mind still was with my wife.  Was she okay? Did everything go well with the rest of the procedure? When would she be out of recovery? My answer came when she was wheeled by the nursery window to get her second look at her daughter.  A wave of relief came over me.  Soon all three of us would be reunited.  The first thing my wife commented on was that our daughter had a dimple similar to mine.

The next 20 or so hours were a blur of a series of activities.  Helping my wife anyway that I could while she recovered, performing diaper changes and a bunch of other tasks.  It was exciting and hard to get to sleep for the short periods of time that we actually could sleep.  Even with the hospital staff providing support I got quite the functional workout in.  And that workout would continue throughout the weekend until we could get our daughter on some sort of a routine and had established one for ourselves as well.

I did a lot of walking the first several days at home.  A combination of a lot of small activities that just repeat themselves over and over again.  Getting formula and bottles ready, cleaned IMG_1860and sanitized, diaper changes, getting laundry to the washer and dryer. There is a lot of laundry.
And as you can see it all adds up to over 11,000 steps which is what I had been averaging (or there about) before her birth.  You’ll notice that the steps were pretty much constant…for 24 hours.  Which leads me to talk about sleep, which was pretty much non-existent those first days.  It still is pretty bad with the multiple feedings throughout the night.  But we got into a routine and now are treated when we can get 90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep.  Usually, it is only about an hour at a time in between feedings.  So sleep is at a premium.

Another thing I am doing constantly is a series of small lifts.  Handing my daughter off to her mom for feedings.  Moving her in her carrier or one of her chairs or laundry baskets, and helping my wife in and out of bed.  These are all things that I had factored in when I started my fitness program back in June.  So safe to say I am feeling pretty proud of myself because I am able to do all of it and not really get fatigued (my fatigue has nothing to do with the activity). I feel pretty blessed right now and thankful it all has worked out well.  The next step though presents a new set of problems.

““I am the bread of life,” Jesus told them. “No one who comes to Me will ever be hungry, and no one who believes in Me will ever be thirsty again.”

John 6:35 HCSB

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