Week 1 day 1 at home

It’s 2 am I have gotten maybe three hours of sleep since my wife went into labor early Wednesday morning.  My daughter is finally asleep in my arms as I am catching up on listening to the Daily Audio Bible from this week. We’re trying to give my wife some sleep as she is recovering […]

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Week 40+ Day Tuesday

So today was a half day at work and then another OB appointment, actually an ultrasound.  Everything is fine we just hit the doctor’s due date which is actually today.  So she could come on out at any time now.  But as a result of a kind of off kilter day I was only able […]

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Week 40+ Day 1

In honor of Columbus day I decided to do 14 reps of each exercise and try to get to 92 active minutes. 1492 get it? 😉 Well I did three sets of my exercises today with 14 reps in each but we had a OB/GYN appointment today and only got 48 active minutes on my […]

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Week 40 Day Friday

It’s Friday!!! Yes my Star Wars geekitude shows back up.  Its been a long week and this Friday couldn’t come soon enough.  Today I wanted to talk about my workout routine.  I’m not talking about the exercises but the routine I go through right before and right after. Stand straight and focus on good posture (My […]

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Week 40 Day 4

Ever had one of those days where drama just seems to find you at work and you can’t get away from it.  And as a result you get nothing done.  Yeah that was my day.  Had to finish up my workout today at home.  But nothing a nice piece of home made apply pie can’t […]

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Week 40 Day 3

So had to take a picture this morning on my way in to work.  A very nice way to start the day.  Fall is in the air and the leaves will be turning soon.  This is my wife and my favorite time of year. Much like I did earlier this summer I finished up yesterday’s […]

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