Week 13 Day 2: Drop Everything!

So I was only able to get one set in today because some things take precedence over working out.  Some things take precedence over everything. We had a scare today.  My wife felt something was wrong and called the OB/GYN and was directed to go to labor and delivery immediately.  At the point when I said to my wife, “I’m on my way,” nothing else mattered.  Out the door and on the road as soon as possible. And, after praying the entire drive to the hospital, I met my wife at the Labor & Delivery check-in.  Thankfully my mother-in-law helped get my wife there.

After a battery of tests, including an ultrasound, BPP (biophysical profile of the baby), everything was deemed good with both baby and mom, and we were given the okay to go home.

Pretty scary for us, but we are thankful everything turned out okay.  Thank God!  If there was a bright side to today, it’s that we were able to try our get-to-the-hospital plans, like a dry run. And most of our contingencies worked which bodes well when we face the real d-day. Once we got home I didn’t feel it was my place to go and get my workout in.  My job was to spend time with my wife and help her de-stress. In comparison with these issues and my responsibilities, as a husband and soon-to-be father, working out was obviously less important. I can pick up and start again tomorrow.

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

1 Timothy 4:8 NIV http://bible.com/111/1ti.4.8.niv

God Bless!

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