Week 12 Day 5: A lesson in flexibility…but not that kind

What I mean is flexibility when it comes to daily schedule.  When things become important you find the time to do them.  Like today for instance.  I knew that I had a busy Friday and looking at my day it was going to be hard to sneak my workouts in due to what I had lined up.  So first thing out of the gate I got my first set in.


“Your work week will no longer contain me. Its Friday and I have the Force on my side.”

But then my morning freed up and I was able to get most sets complete in the morning.  Additionally, I was able to get a lot of other work done that I was going to have to shift to next week.  So I guess the take home is that when given unexpected time, find stuff to do that can get you ahead or catch up.  I did so and even though had not accomplished the things I had planned I was able to end the day with some satisfaction that I got some stuff accomplished.  Not bad for a Friday. God Bless!

Lord , hear my voice when I call; be gracious to me and answer me. 

Psalms 27:7 HCSB

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