Week 12 Day 3: Water, water everywhere…

Brad Paisley and Coleridge aside, I want to talk about hydration.  Something not to be taken for granted and usually isn’t when we are on a pretty good exercise regime.  Going out for a run or bike ride, heading to the gym its easy to remember to bring water. However, if you are like me you tend to forget about water anFullSizeRender 7d its importance everyday.  The rule of thumb is 64 oz a day unless you are on a heavy exercise program then it is even more.  The Fitbit App has a place you can log your water intake.  Now I would be lying if I told you I started to do this on my own.  As with most things my wife has done a great job tracking her water intake while she has been pregnant (and before as well) so its something I have just now started doing.  I started to off and on track it but never hit the goal.  For me I had to be more systematic about it.  So after each set I made it a point to drink 8 oz.  Then in the afternoon I just kept the momentum going and finished up my last 8 oz after my wife and walked this evening.  Its too soon to make any anecdotal claims as to being better hydrated. However, I can tell you I made quite a few more trips to the bathroom today (which also contributes to a higher step count).  Its a win, win situation.  God Bless and drink up!

But the Lord is faithful; He will strengthen and guard you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 HCSB

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