Week 11 Day 3: Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday.  You may have noticed that the reps for the robot trio went from 25 to 15.  That’s because I started to use 5 pound weights which makes those a little more difficult. I had a busy morning so had to shift 3 sets to the afternoon.  IMG_1568  So today the Who’s Your Daddy app recommended a daily tip to watch a video on how to bathe a newborn.  So I went over to youtube did a search and found one that BabyCenter had produced.  Its a very good video and cute.  I sent the link along to my wife.  She is currently in her third trimester.  In addition to learning a thing or two we both got a little something more out of watching it.  Right now it seems like our daughter will never get here.  This has been a long journey so far and we both are anxious and excited to meet her face to face.  We want to know what she looks like and have a hard time imagining what that experience is going to be like.  Watching this video helped as it was a little newborn girl.  We are going to experience a lot of firsts in the coming months and being able to imagine it helps a lot. We are humbled by this awesome gift from God. God Bless!

He mocks those who mock, but gives grace to the humble. 

Proverbs 3:34 HCSB

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