Week 8 Day 5: I never said do nothing.

So since my little experience with ‘pressure’ in my back we put together a little stretching routine to help out.  Its got a little yoga and a little stretching. The difference between yoga and stretching is control of the breath.  Nice good diaphragmatic breathing while you stretch is basically yoga.  So here is the regimen I followed today.

Cat pose for 5 breaths/movements.

Downward facing dog for 5 breaths.

And a leg stretch similar to Warrior Pose each leg 5 breaths. My warrior pose is a modification to stretch out the calf and hamstring.

In fact lower back pain is often a result of tight hamstrings and my hamstrings have always been extremely tight and have experienced pain/pressure like this before.

I don’t have a balance ball at work so at home I will do this stretch.  It works well. IMG_1530

And by the way my wife loves the balance ball to help stretch out.  You can be a big hero if you go and get your wife one now! Some hospitals and birthing centers even use them to help induce labor and even support a birthing position.  Here are a couple of Links.

from Livestrong

Babycentre UK

and Attached from Scratch

Search on and God Bless!

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