Week 6 Day 3: A lesson in Functionality and…

…why I am doing what I am doing.

So to start right off I did not get any of my exercises accomplished today.  “What?” you say, “you were doing so well. Such a shame.”  Well maybe your not saying that but anyway.  Today I didn’t need to do my exercises because I actually had to do something functional, like move.  Well move some items at work. It wasn’t just me but some fellow coworkers and I took what amounted to a couple of thousands of pounds of assorted stuff and loaded it first on to a trailer and then unloaded it into a storage container.  A lot of lifting of fairly heavy stuff like sandbags, old ammo cans loaded with sand, wood, large paint buckets loaded with sand, etc.  Notice a theme there.  So no real reason to get an additional workout in but an interesting (okay probably to only me) evolution all the same.  Why so interesting?  Because I didn’t get hurt, I was able to lift everything, didn’t twist, sprain or strain anything.  All evidence that what I have been doing over the past 5 weeks worked.  I have gained a certain level of functionality with my fitness and lie here tonight in bed without having to break out the Aleve or Tylenol.  Pretty cool!  God Bless and have a great night!

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