Week 7 Day 5

Today got out on the river to kayak with a neighbor.  Quite the shoulder workout and I know I am going to be sore as it was a two and a half hour journey.  And while I will probably be feeling it in a day or two I wonder what it would have been like […]

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Week 7 Day 4

Another flipped schedule so getting it all done before I have to go in to work. Trying a high tech way of tracking today. Maybe I’m too old school but I like writing stuff down, but hey you might find this easier and it definitely lends itself to do some data collection run some statistics. […]

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Week 7 Day 3

Today was a normal day at work so I was able to break up the work outs on my breaks.  I did my normal shoulder focused workout. While not the point of why I am doing this I have noticed a physical change in my physique.  My shoulders are broader and there is definitely more […]

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Week 7 Day 1: Odd hour week

We had an OB/GYN appointment today so had a short day at work and was out of my office for most of the morning.  Knowing all of this I decided to get in quick sets every 15 minutes until done. In between each set I would get a little work done while resting.  While not […]

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Week 6 Day 5: T.G.I.F.

Another Week, Another Weekend So here’s the thing I didn’t get it done today.  Maybe it was a Friday. Maybe it was the fact that I just didn’t have the motivation, but I didn’t get my last set done today. The real reason is I had a short Friday at work and didn’t get my […]

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Week 6 day 2

So since I have been tracking steps and sleep I downloaded some pics from my FitBit data.  If you mess around with the App you can get daily, weekly, and monthly views to help track progress or lack thereof.  The two screenshots below show average monthly steps and average monthly hours sleep.  Good news for […]

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