Week 2 Day 2

Week 1 Day 2 (otherwise known as Tuesday) My goal today was 100 bicep curls using the elastic band and 100 military presses.  I broke them up into 4 sets each of 25 and got them all done at work. I neglected to add to prior posts that my wife and I also own a […]

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Week 2 Day 1

So Monday…yeah hard getting going this morning as we didn’t get much sleep, but that is another post or page.  We’re here for accountability my friend.  So I looked at my weekly goals and broke them down further.  Today I combined the air squats and pushups and did 100 of each broken into sets of […]

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Progress Report 1

All about goals I woke up this morning and realized that time it is a ticking and we are over halfway until the baby gets here.  Therefore, I am gonna need to take stock of where I am and set some realistic goals and how to track them.  A Sunday afternoon or evening is a […]

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Week One Workouts

The workouts are going to be pretty simple and easy as I ease my 42 year old body into this and build in intensity as I go.  I’m not going to be jumping into a pool for a 2000 meter swim or do any Olympic power lifting anytime soon so its going to be the […]

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