Who’s Your Daddy App

So I have been using the Who’s Your Daddy App for the past week and can honestly say it was worth the money spent on it.  It offers daily and weekly tips to help you prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy as well as help make life a lot easier for your significant other.

You can enter in the due date, child’s and mother’s name and it will give you daily and weekly tips as well as information on what is going on with the development of your child.  I really like the fact that when it gives you tips or information it uses the names.  A lot of online guides will alternate between he and she which can make it a little hard to visualize what’s going on.  By using my daughter’s name it adds so much more emotional value to the tip and or information.  It sounds kind of silly but just by reading my wife or daughter’s name makes it all that much more impactful.

Here is a video previewing the app.

Who’s your daddy? An app for dads to be. from keith walsh on Vimeo.

One last thing.  I think the developers are British (maybe Canadiens) as they use some different words than you might be used to. Nappies = Diapers and Prams = Strollers.  Just a heads up.   God Bless

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