Week 3 Day 5: T.G.I.F

So the work week is done and its time to see how I did.  My goals for the week were:

400 pushups, 400 bicep curls, 400 air squats, and 400 military presses.

Today I completed 100 air squats, 100 push-ups and 100 bicep curls, which rounds out my weekly progress at 400 air squats, 400 push-ups, and 400 bicep curls.  I did not reach the planned 400 military presses, only did 210 military presses, however, add to that 46 Kettlebell front swings, and 60 baby presses.

Today I also got over 10,000 steps (I tend to hit my mark easily when teaching a class).  I hit over 10,000 steps 4 out of the last 6 days.  Not bad.  In addition to tracking sleep, the fitbit works well as a motivator for me.  Think I am going to set a goal of 10,000 steps 5 of 7 days next week. Check out this article outlining a study on how fitness bands can be good motivators.  Now granted I am not a post-menopausal woman, but all the same I do check out my progress on steps throughout the day and it has altered my behavior.  Take the stairs, extra trips loading the car for class, etc.  Those things add up.

Well sitting down to dinner now.  God Bless and have a good weekend!

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