Week 3 Day 4: Introducing the Kettlebell

Thursday and I introduced a couple of kettlebell exercises.  The kettlebell is a pretty versatile little (and not so little) weight.  Kettlebells have become increasingly popular with the crossfit and boot camp crews.  They appear to be better at simulating day to day activities and therefore more in line with functional fitness.  Check out this link and also this link for more information on the use of kettlebells and exercises in particular.

In addition to the military presses with the fitness band I added two kettlebell exercises.  One is a front swing (the best way to describe it) and something I am calling a baby press.  Its a movement Dads of the world all do and want to get fit so I won’t throw my back out when our little girl arrives.  I take a kettlebell in both hand and starting at my chest then extend my arms raising the weight.  Found these picks on the web to give you an example.

Man Holding Up an Infant
Man Holding Up an Infant

father_childSo I again broke up my sets throughout the day.  Military press 100 reps broken into 4 sets of 25.  Kettlebell front swings 10 each arm 4 times for 40 reps.  And 15 baby presses 4 times for 60 reps total.  And just a note that I am going to up my weight for those baby presses. Got to be able to do at least 10 lbs to begin with but kids grow.  Just gonna have to figure out what my 1 rep max will be and stop there when she hits that weight ;).  God Bless!

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