Week 3 Day 3

Its Wednesday and today wasn’t necessarily a struggle but difficult.  While I slept better last night it still was not what I needed.  That being said I did meet my goal but it was mentally tough to do so.  I felt some fatigue while trying to finish the reps in each set.  Instead of just quitting or cutting the reps short I had a couple of mental tricks to push on through.  Something as simple as counting down instead of up can help.  Especially the last 10 of a set.  It gets you into a different mindset.  And its easier for some than others.  If its difficult for you try it out.  Another trick I have is small little rewards.  “I can’t have a snack until I get this set done.”  A little delayed gratification goes a long way.  If those don’t work for you then cut the reps down and add a set to make sure you achieve your goal.  Now don’t hurt yourself, however, don’t push through pain that is clearly telling you “Hey maybe you should stop.”  Be careful when you are tired as your form may break down.

I know this post seems a little scattered.  That’s what building up sleep debt will do to you cognitively (big 5 dollar word).

What I accomplished today:

  • Air Squats – 150
  • Push-Ups – 150
  • Bicep Curls – 150

All done in 5 sets of 30

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