Week 3 day 2

Sleep. Oh how important it is and when you don’t get enough of it especially several nights in a row it can have a detrimental effect on how well you function in your day.   Today was one of those days for me.  It has been building a while and on weekends I try to make up what I miss during the week.  There are several variables compounding the issue and out of my control.  First, I had to get up super early for work today so that cut down on about an hour.  Secondly, my wife is having difficulty sleeping.  She has bad heartburn (which is common) as well as general soreness and aches and pains (also common).  And when she has trouble sleeping I have trouble sleeping.  I don’t mind it.  That is what it is and part of this wonderful journey of becoming parents.  We know that the situation isn’t going to improve when our daughter gets here.  With late night feedings and new parent worrying we are not going to be getting that much sleep for a while.  The good news is my wife is not working and attempts to get as many naps as she can during the day.  I have work and cope with coffee and a balanced breathing technique.  Check out the building balance page or this post for more information.

So today was a light day. Military presses were difficult due to that lack of sleep.  My body didn’t get to recover quite as well as it could have with a good 8 hours of sleep so I backed it off a bit today.

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