Week 3 Day 1

Monday and I made some modifications to my daily load level.  I combined all of my exercises into one day and upped the reps per set to 30.  Interesting as I made my way into my first set was that the push-ups and military press seemed to working not all but same muscle groups and I was too fatigued to finish 30 military presses.  Not quite ready for that much load.  So will move military presses to Tuesday and Thursday.

On another note I was talking with my wife about my workout this weekend and she corrected me on my form for air squats.  I wasn’t performing it as well as I should be.  My knees were coming past my toes.  She has worked as a personal trainer in the past and told me something she used to tell her clients to help them improve their form.  She said to imagine you are a bear pooping in the woods.  With the image laughingly playing in my head my form improved greatly.  Now as I do the air squats I see that image and smile.  My wife said she had every client make similar remarks.  Hey it might be silly but heck it works every time.

150 each of air squats, push-ups, and bicep curls.

Check out this video.

If you don’t have someone who is educated watching your form you can video yourself and then compare to an expert you find on the web.  God Bless!

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