Week 2 Day 1

So Monday…yeah hard getting going this morning as we didn’t get much sleep, but that is another post or page.  We’re here for accountability my friend.  So I looked at my weekly goals and broke them down further.  Today I combined the air squats and pushups and did 100 of each broken into sets of 25.

Also I ‘walked’ with my wife for 20 minutes.  She found a video on Amazon Prime and we ‘walked‘.  You see its hot here. We’re talking 100 degree heat and it ain’t safe to be out in this heat, especially for a pregnant woman.   Finding alternative activities that are similar are a good practice.  You should have these in your back pocket in case any barriers to you getting your workout done.  For instance, if there are thunderstorms instead of running outside I am going to jump on the exercise bike inside.  These are called ‘When…Then” statement.  That way its a no brainer to move on to the contingency instead of scrapping the workout altogether.

I feel a sense of accomplishment and hungry.  Its time for dinner.  God Bless!

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