Progress Report 1

All about goals

I woke up this morning and realized that time it is a ticking and we are over halfway until the baby gets here.  Therefore, I am gonna need to take stock of where I am and set some realistic goals and how to track them.  A Sunday afternoon or evening is a good time do so.  Let’s see how I do.

Last week I did 100 air squats, 100 pushups, 50 military presses, 50 bicep curls, walked at least 3 miles and rode the bike for 20 minutes.

This week I want to do better and get a little more done.  For the week maybe 300 Air squats, 300 pushups, 150 military presses, 150 bicep curls, walk 5 miles (with wife), and ride the bike for 60 minutes total.  Lets see how I do…

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